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Building Capacity in Australian Parents - BCAP

Build your capacity as a parent 

The Building Capacity in Australian Parents (BCAP) project is a two year trial aiming to raise awareness of the importance of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life from conception to the age of two.  The first 1,000 days doesn’t sound like an awful lot of time does it? From the moment you or your partner find out you’re pregnant to your little one’s second birthday, these 1,000 days can set the scene for your little one’s growth, development and learning now and into the future. 

We know that children are born ready to learn. Your baby’s brain grows and develops best when supported by positive, warm and responsive care and connections. As your little one’s first teacher, we also know that this time can bring huge amounts of pressure and expectations. Parenting is not instinctive and you don’t have to have all the answers. This is where BCAP, as part of the community supporting families where help is needed, can help you! 

How does BCAP work?

Using SMS, two (2) text messages will be sent to your mobile phone each week. The first text message will link you to some information about the development of your little one. The second text message will let you know about local events that you and your little one might want to explore. 

How can I be part of BCAP?

If you are currently receiving support from another Mercy Community program or from another local organisation, you can ask for a referral to BCAP. 

Otherwise, you can email the BCAP team directly: or call us on 07 4617 7600 to have a chat and find out more.

What do I need to know?

Your participation to receive the text messages is completely voluntary.

You can choose to opt out at any time.

We need your feedback to help us improve and will ask you for it.

You need to be living in Toowoomba or close by (e.g., Kingsthorpe, Highfields, Cambooya), or Gatton.

Who can participate?

New mums and dads

Mums and dads to be (currently pregnant)

Foster and kinship carers who have little ones younger than two years of age


Information for our partners

Please contact us by email or phone if you would like to:

learn more about the project 

attend one of our professional development sessions and follow up action learning circles 

make a referral to BCAP.

It is well documented that children’s early years are a critical time in which the foundations for healthy development are laid. It is emphasised throughout the literature that positive stimulation early in life affects subsequent health, wellbeing, coping skills and competence across the lifespan. Abundant research also demonstrates that experiences from conception to age three have the most important influence on connecting and sculpting the neurons in children’s brains (ARACY, 2015, Better Systems, Better Chances: A Review of Research and Practice for Prevention and Early Intervention, p. 17)