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Caring Dads Program

Supporting dads to promote a safer, stronger family environment

The Caring Dads Program aims to improve the safety and wellbeing of children, by working with fathers to change destructive parenting patterns, increase application of child-centred fathering and promote respectful co-parenting with children’s mothers.

The group program runs one night a week across a period of 17 weeks. In each two hour session, participants work with group facilitators and other fathers through topics that prompt them to question who they want to be as a father and what behavioural changes need to occur to allow them to be the best dad they can be.

Our program facilitators also meet with agencies connected to each family to strengthen relationships between fathers and other child carers, including mothers, grandparents and support workers.

The Caring Dads Program promotes transparency and accountability to assist fathers on their journey.

Who can access the Caring Dads Program?

Caring Dads is available to fathers living in the following areas:
- Sunshine Coast
- Moreton Bay
- Ipswich
- Toowoomba

Is Caring Dads for you (or someone you care about)?

- Do you worry about how angry you get with your children?
- Do you criticise other carers of your children in front of your children?
- Do you feel like your children intentionally annoy you?
- Is there fighting between you and your partner in the home?
- Are there complicating factors in your life that makes it hard to be the dad you want to be?
- Are you working with a service such as a family support program?
- Do you either live with, or have contact with your children at least one hour every week?

If you answered yes to some of the questions above, Caring Dads might be the right program for you (or someone you care about).






Get in touch

To enquire about participating in the Caring Dads Program, or to refer an individual to the program, please get in touch with our team.


Caboolture and Sunshine Coast enquiries
Phone: 07 5490 8000

Ipswich and Toowoomba enquiries
Phone: 07 3280 8000